DAY 131: Joy Cheeseburger

Went for a meal after work with one of the directors and our business partners for the company to continue our talks about strategy, money and all other manner of boring things. We went to a nice bar/restaurant called Joy which I’ve had a snack at before when I first got here. Unfortunately, although it’d been a day full of learning at work such as visiting a customer knowing you were about to get an ass-whooping and going into a meeting with your business partners - knowing you are going to get an ass-whooping - it wasn’t really enough to warrant it counting for me. Mostly because we didn’t end up getting an ass-whooping. It’s a shame we didn’t get an ass-whooping because that would have made these legitimate new experiences for me, but instead not one ass was whooped. Instead they were both constructive, civilised, if not a little tense, meetings. Bugger.

So instead I’ve had to make do with trying something on the menu of a restaurant I’ve never had before. I went for the cheeseburger. Classic.