DAY 123: Marital Advice

One of the guys I work with out here has hit a bit of a rocky patch in his marriage. He wouldn’t disagree with me when I say that it’s mostly of his own fruition. He wouldn’t disagree because I’m not sure he would understand all the English in that sentence. The fact that his English isn’t the most conversational yet (though it is a million times better than my Russian), made things quite difficult for me to try and offer advice. My lack of marriage experience also proved itself to be a handicap. All I could muster up at first was “well, saying sorry might help”. He nodded which makes me think it must have been good advice. He told me about his plans to try and make things better and I agreed. When he asked what he should do i would tell him about the saying sorry thing again. He would nod again. Turns out giving advie is pretty easy, just lots of listening and telling them to say sorry.

Up yours, Dr Phil.